Day Twenty Eight

Well, I was going to wax lyrical about the stabbing pang of homesickness I had whilst staring out of a bus window listening to a downloaded podcast of “The News Quiz” but then I found out that by downloading the podcast I had somehow managed to wipe all 856 songs and 3 audio books from my itouch so my whimsy fast disappeared.

So I’m left with nothing to run to except Sandi, Fred, Jeremy, Miles, Ava and Charlotte.


Seeing as I have two months left to go and nowt to listen to I need some advice as to what I’m going to have to download now. I’ve already started with Empire of the Sun and The Shins courtesy of Anne and David (oh they’re good) but if you think you know a banging tune to get me out of bed or an album to watch the Nullabor go by to please let me know…. and Miriam, I am not listening to the  Dixie Chicks, and Jeni, I know your sister rocks but I can’t laugh and run at the same time!


Saturday February 27th, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Jeni Toksvig replied:

    I feel somewhat guilty. Sandi (with an I not a Y!) was here a few minutes ago. I’m sure she’d have sent her love… and probably laughed a bit, and made some hilarious comment.

    For running, you could try Seth Lakeman’s album “Poor Man’s Heaven”. It’s folk, but it’s fast and furious folk. Not your traditional fiddling. More driving drums and stamping feet.

    If you’re downloading individual tracks from iTunes, try these Seth Lakeman ones from various albums:

    The Hurlers
    I’ll Haunt You
    Race To Be King
    Kitty Jay
    Lady of the Sea

    For something more relaxing, try Karine Polwart, also folk singer/songwriter, but very modern folk. I recommend the album “This Earthly Spell” but if you are looking for something very traditional and folksy, her album “Scribbled in Chalk” is also good.

    I miss you! And I have your Christmas present from three years ago. Come get it 🙂

    • liza replied:

      I realised the Y/I this morning, many apols! But great music choice, that’s most excellent. I think you’ve played me some Seth Lakeman and I liked him a lot…. Miss you too and I will come to play when I’m back xx

  2. Lizbe replied:

    Oh no! Disaster! That’s the kind of thing I’d do. The wiping of the songs, def not the running…. Loving your blog, and think that Annie Lennox is a classic artist never to be overlooked, and Paolo Nuttini – I’m a late starter as far as he’s concerned, but getting it now. As far as waking you up is concerned… I’ve just set my alarm ring tone to a voice clip recorded in Sam’s bedroom earlier. He says: (in a very loud, important, grown up voice) Hi. I’m a shouting man, and I’m here to tell you that it’s time to wake up.
    Love it!

    • liza replied:

      Loving it, thank you! And I’d be well up for Sam’s clip as at the moment my alarm is a very uninspiring claxony type thing guaranteed to piss everyone else in the room right off. Sam’s dulcet tones I’m sure wouldn’t do any such thing…! x

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