Day Two – just

Monday 1st Feb 10. The DVT socks have left my legs corrugated. I broke the lock on the hotel’s front door and now I think I’m in someone else’s bedroom.

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Day One

Sunday 31st Jan 10. Okay, so my desk today is opposite the Bagel Street Grab and Go, sat on a green easy wipe-down chair at Heathrow Airport and I can smell bad mince. My gate allegedly opens in 45 mins and I’m wondering how many times it is humanly possibly to go to the toilet before then – nearly knocked out a front tooth in the tiny white plastic cubicle loo in the coach earlier when the driver accelerated out of a bend. Shaking slightly, a bit groggy and marvelling (covertly) at the man to my right who’s wearing a green and red tracksuit with such confidence.  And wondering where I can watch the tennis.


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