Day Fourteen

I was pinned to my desk today (a peaceful, remote, dry park bench overlooking the harbour at Battery Point). A couple with their dog started talking to me. Ten things what I learnt in that half an hour:

1) she was on very strong pain meds for her broken back. The first operation had gone wrong and she is due back in surgery later this month. It has robbed her of two years of her life

2) her first husband was a mean Bavarian who won $1.2 million on the lottery just after she divorced him after twenty years of marriage. He took their two children skiing as an afterthought, but it was too late

3) she is expecting her 16 year old dog Jessie to die later this year as Jessie went downhill fast when she was last in hospital. She has had many other dogs who will be waiting for her “up there”, including Chloe her Maltese who died last year and her neighbour’s dog who died of a massive tumour in her mouth after excessive dog walking (I paraphrase)

4) she has three scars from her previous operation and is hoping that the doctors won’t scar her further (there was no show and tell at this point unfortunately). However the doctors are going to remove one of her ribs to mash up and put in a cage between the damaged vertabrae (got very lost at this point)

5) she was always meant to be with her second husband but his son died in a car crash and he was never the same again

6) once her dog is dead and her back has healed she will go on holiday, maybe to England to see some gardens as gardening is her passion

7) she once bought a new bed and decorated her spare room in preparation for a childhood friend and her husband’s visit. They unfortunately stayed in Sydney declining to spend $200 on a ticket to Hobart after travelling all that way from Germany. They are very rich

8 ) her current partner has been her friend for 32 years

9) she was originally from the Black Forest but has been in Australia for 51 years, the last 8 have been in Tasmania

10) she likes Mozart and cottages

I declined a cup of coffee back at their place.


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Day Sixteen continued

Another day, another lunch at my desk, nothing really changes. Except my desk isn’t usually near the fish gutting tables on the public jetty. Am watching the sea roil. Huge waves and steaming white horses. Grey and orange rocks. White sand and turquoise breakers. And forest. And a swell to lose your lunch to.

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Day Sixteen

I am not made for cycling.

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