Day Three – Superfreakonomics

I have the perfect desk today – my sofa.

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Day Two – Superfreakonomics

I am now in a v comfy chair in a v vulgar hotel in Liverpool. We’re staying in the Beatles themed Hard Day’s Night hotel. The first room I was in was on the fifth floor, was like an oven as the air con had broken down and had a deeply disturbing painting of a straining Paul McCartney – serious haemorrhoid-making straining, stuck on the wall above the bed. I’m now in a first floor twin that has windows you can open, a broken TV and a v bad pencil drawing of a young George H with and young George M. Truly hideous.


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Day One – Superfreakonomics

My desk tonight is the biggest double bed you ever did see in a hotel room bigger than my bedroom and sitting room put together and the walk in shower is almost as big as my spare room. Who’d’ve thought Birmingham could be so classy? I have, however, lost a filling today to a piece of dried peach and I might have just lost half the most divine risotto down the hole left behind. So just Birmingham being classy then…

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