Day Seventy One

For some reason my dorm room smells like a stable even though there is a distinct lack of tack, hay and sweaty horses and I’m pretty sure that none of us in here have immaculately conceived either.

Spent a mad day hurtling all over the north NSW countryside that looks so English (apart from the random palm trees). Paddled in a tea tree lake that was a browny coca cola colour except for the electric green algae. Went to a Tender Centre and wanted to bid on an iron, an old ESSO oil can, an organ and a big wooden lounger, none of which would fit in my back pack. We’re waiting to hear about the four storey bird cage though. Bought lots of plums and admired the lonely railroad tracks and grimaced at a grim lounge singer’s rendition of Candle in the Wind that cut through the peace of Eltham like only bad Elton can. Off to what I hope will turn out to be a very large plate of dirty noodles now.

News just in: we won the birdcage, the saddles, the bottles and the watering can but not the phone. We are now slightly hysterical.


Monday April 12th, 2010. Uncategorized.

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