Day Seventy

The problem with having vertigo when you’re lying in your hostel bed is that there is the possibility of scaring the other occupants (of the room, not the bed) when all of a sudden you violently stick out your leg, still sheet tangled, and try and plant your foot on the floor to try to fool your brain into recognising a physical horizon to stop the slopping that’s going on. Luckily I’ve been on the bottom bunk but I did nearly kick the girl in the next one. So two out of three Brisbane days have been a wipe out with severe dizziness, breathlessness and being weak as a new born kitten. Luckily on the first day I ran along the South Bank, did a three hour city walking tour, bought two new bras, a battery charger for my digital camera (it gave up just before Uluru) and went to see Kick Ass. On the bus to Byron now.

Have just seen a bi-plane loop the loop and body roll through the clouds above the skyscrapers of Surfers Paradise.


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