Day Sixty Five

On this trip I broke one bra, saw two shooting stars, spent three days in the outback, had four slices of tiny pretend bread for lunch today (two sandwiches) and I can’t think of anything to go with five…

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Day Sixty Three

Another day, another trip, this one a three dayer to Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. So far there is a french girl intent on killing anything non human in the bus with a vicious swipe of her tour brochure and a bona fide tour whore who latched onto our guide before we’d left the city limits. And me? I am sat in partial misery as to cap off my Alice Experience my bunk had bed bugs and I am COVERED in large ferociously itchy bites, for example: six on my left cheek, one on my bottom lip, nine on my right hand swelling two joints and two on my arse. The rest are uncountable due to being in awkward places.

A dingo just licked me.

Omigod, it’s like I’ve stumbled onto the set of Dune/Tremors.


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