Day Fifty Three – later

I’m really missing running but it’s too goddamn sweaty in these goddamn tropics. So here are my new top five songs to run to that I can’t run to just now:

LA Woman – The Doors
Ace of Spades – Motorhead
Blame it on the Girls – Mika
Truth or Dare – N.E.R.D
Mandinka – Sinead O’Connor

Honorable mentions:

Love is in the Air – John Paul Young
The Time is Now – Moloko
We Are The People – Empire of the Sun

Apparently you sweat in a cold shower in Darwin. I can’t believe I’ll have any toxins left by the time I get to Alice.


Wednesday March 24th, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Pearl replied:

    I’m going to check all those out on Youtube in the morning to see if they’re any good for writing to as well as running to!

    In Brighton this evening: the air is cool – a touch chilly even – infused with dampness as a light, drizzly rain pervades the sodden tones of grey… people’s faces scrunch as their umbrellas bump off each other in the streets, while the seagulls skulk on top of bus shelters and bins, eying up the trash that cavorts in the wind-rattled gutters…

    • liza replied:

      Suddenly the sweating doesn’t seem that bad….

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