Day Fifty Three – later

I’m really missing running but it’s too goddamn sweaty in these goddamn tropics. So here are my new top five songs to run to that I can’t run to just now:

LA Woman – The Doors
Ace of Spades – Motorhead
Blame it on the Girls – Mika
Truth or Dare – N.E.R.D
Mandinka – Sinead O’Connor

Honorable mentions:

Love is in the Air – John Paul Young
The Time is Now – Moloko
We Are The People – Empire of the Sun

Apparently you sweat in a cold shower in Darwin. I can’t believe I’ll have any toxins left by the time I get to Alice.

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Day Fifty Three

The sweat is rolling off my face like I’m crying. It’s 42*C with early 70s % humidity and it’s only 10.30am. Broome is not the place to be in you’re trying to look alluring – woman don’t glow here, they sweat like navvies. I have a permanent upset stomach due to the vast quantities of electrolites swimming in sugar I’m having to knock back to keep me upright. I got masticated by mossies on the cow farm a couple of nights ago so I’m constantly trying not to scratch. The aircon in the hostel is busted.

Grumpy? You do not know the half of it…..

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