Day Thirty Four

Am on the bus to Denham and reading a fantastically bad Mills and Boon. Classic lines already include:

“A pair of tawny eyes flicked over her like twin tongues of lightning”

“The hot languor of his kiss was consuming her again, carrying her to a high precipice where the view was heady and there height was terrifying”

and “Isn’t every Floridian supposed to be an expert on oranges?”

and I’m only on page 26…


Saturday March 6th, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Lizbe replied:

    Hahaha – are you laughing out loud? I read a Roddy Doyle on a train once and really pissed people off by not being able to stop myself laughing, snorting and chuckling all the way to Glasgow! Which has just reminded me of crying with laughter during rehearsals for Shadows – good times:)

  2. Kate replied:

    I would have at least expected an Aussie M&B, not Florida! Don’t have any suggestions for itouch but if you go onto you can catch some entertaining VT of John & Gregg dissing the latest bunch of ‘chefs’ because………….cooking DOESN’T get TOUGHER than this. xx

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