Day Sixteen

I am not made for cycling.

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Day Twelve

Today my desk is my lower bunk listening to Leonard Nimoy singing “I Walk The Line” on my iPod. Went to Port Arthur today the big prison on the Tasman Peninsula. Had a wander and a gander and satisfied myself that this time the prison cells really were smaller than my spare room (unlike Alcatraz). Got into a discussion with two prison guards from WA and the guide that began with the lack of progress in penal reform and ended with eugenics, Thomas Moore and compulsory sterilisation. LN’s now singing “Love of the Common People”. Genius. Go tambourine.


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Day Nine

Monday 8th Feb 10. I have had various desks over the last couple of days. On Day Five my desk was the bra dept of David Jones, shopping for white bandeaux with Lucy. On Day Seven there was the Cataract Gorge Chair Lift – eight minutes of sphincter clenching terror sat on a flimsy piece of metal and cushion floating over a long drop into cold water. Only trying to belt out a sterling rendition of Come Fly With Me managed to distract me enough from hurling myself lemming-like off the back off the chair. I walked back. On Day Eight I ate lunch at my desk; an old tree root on a grey shingle beach lapped by the blue and copper water of Dove Lake underneath the shadow of Cradle Mountain before gate crashing a wedding on the opposite shore. Today’s desk is a brown cord scummy sofa in a run down ancient hotel badly converted into a hostel in Hobart watching Sex And The City reruns. My arms are very tired from carrying a very heavy watermelon.

A quick aside: went through the town of Ross today, population 350, and the most prominent magazine in the newsagent was “Over 50s” a jazz mag with an older reader’s wife sporting a blonde mullet and teasing the strap of a black George at ASDA neglige on the cover. Or as the bus driver said there’s always chasing sheep around the garden…

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Day Five

Thursday 4th Feb 10. 4 things what I learnt about running in Melbourne:

1) by 8am it’s already wicked hot

2) when you have gigantic mosquito bites over most of your toes and heals, it’s not very comfortable putting on trainers

3) always carry $2 to get water when your face gets to the colour of rare beef and your throat is not a pretty place

4) don’t run for a mile in the wrong direction thinking it’s the right direction, before remembering there’s GPS on your itouch

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Day Two – just

Monday 1st Feb 10. The DVT socks have left my legs corrugated. I broke the lock on the hotel’s front door and now I think I’m in someone else’s bedroom.

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Day One

Sunday 31st Jan 10. Okay, so my desk today is opposite the Bagel Street Grab and Go, sat on a green easy wipe-down chair at Heathrow Airport and I can smell bad mince. My gate allegedly opens in 45 mins and I’m wondering how many times it is humanly possibly to go to the toilet before then – nearly knocked out a front tooth in the tiny white plastic cubicle loo in the coach earlier when the driver accelerated out of a bend. Shaking slightly, a bit groggy and marvelling (covertly) at the man to my right who’s wearing a green and red tracksuit with such confidence.  And wondering where I can watch the tennis.

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