Day Twenty Three Later

My desk is now underneath a tree by a different part of the shore in Augusta, WA. I’m not entirely convinced I’m not sitting on an ant hill which given that I’m wearing a skirt could be potentially v uncomfortable. I am, however, quite positive that I won’t suffer pictureskew beauty fatigue from sitting next to aquamarine waters and listening to bugger all all day. And watching kite surfers peal off their wetsuits. Heading to Esperance via Albany (as in I can call you Betty, not as in the Duke of) tomorrow. Think I’ll be heading North the middle of next week…


Tuesday February 23rd, 2010. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Gilly replied:

    Hi Liza

    Loving the blog (or should that be “feeling the love”?).
    The bench conversation is a comedy in itself but I wondered what made you turn down the chance of tea??
    All good here.
    Gilly xx

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